Tilt Tray Towing

We at Sydney Prestige Towing in Sydney, we provide Tilt Tray Towing throughout Sydney, for vehicles, machinery, boats, forklifts and light trucks or even accident cars.

We also provide Tilt Tray services for Prestige and Lowered Cars – any time any where in Sydney or Canberra.

Our three Tilt and load trucks have a variety of towing applications.  Most commonly used for moving AWD and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles these trucks are extremely useful is removing vehicles from the scenes of bad accidents.  All Our Tilt Tray  vehicles are 2 car carriers allowing us to move 2 vehicles at the same time.  We also utilize them in moving classic or exotic cars and have a specialized motorcycle rack for safe and damage free moving of motorcycles.

Great for you

Not only do we have the right equipment to do the job, Sydney Prestige Towing also the properly trained personnel that are just as important to ensure safe and damage free recovery.